In the Wake of War
Compassion's Thread
And the Best of Humanity Emerge

By Linda Atwill, Ph.D.
Linda Atwill, Ph.D., Author of Compassion's Thread
  Compassions Thread

To the reader:

It is amazing how the human spirit holds to hope beyond what is realistically probable. As intriguing are where the journeys of our hearts take us and all that is encountered along the way. It is love remembered and love that endures that kindled my hope. If we ever truly love someone. we never stop loving him or her. Having so loved, even when we are separated by death, a part of us never separates.

This is a story about the endurance of love.

This is my story.
Linda Atwill

Dr. Atwill specializes in ethical and quality of life issues related to the human factors in corporate and personal spheres of influence, life-threatening illness and life-altering challenges. She helps people to be better able to communicate, to love, to laugh, and to listen. She teaches compassion.



"Our challenges are not excuses for us to do less with our lives, but rather opportunities for us to do more."

A Compelling True Story
of Patriotism, Love and Courage

There was ground fire as Lt. J.G. Steve Owen Musselman ejected from the A7C Navy jet he was flying that September day. Military reports indicated that his parachute had opened, but that he had floated to the earthen quilt below through a barrage of artillery fire. Beyond that, his fate was unknown.

Holding to hope beyond what others thought realistically probable, the woman who pinned his Navy wings upon his chest knew with all certainty that the love and friendship that bound their souls would lead her to the other side of the world in search of answers, in search of him.

This compelling true story that evidences the triumph and resiliency of the human spirit is about where love leads if we lead with love.

It reveals the best of what endures, what survives, if we make choice of it, beyond forgiveness in the wake of death and relinquishment and war. Courageous compassion bridges diversity and makes path for peace. Patriotism and higher-called responsibility take precedence over personal agendas.

Compassion's Thread evidences how the tapestry of humanity is enhanced and strengthened by our individual choices.