Compassions Thread

In the Wake of War
Compassion's Thread
And the Best of Humanity Emerge

By Linda Atwill, Ph.D.
Linda Atwill, Ph.D., Author of Compassion's Thread
"Yes, this hope-filled story is about a romantic love, but it is more about a higher love."

Linda Louise Atwill, Ph. D.

Dr. Atwill specializes in ethical and quality of life issues related to the human factors in corporate and personal spheres of influence, life-threatening illness and life-altering challenges. She helps people to be better able to communicate, to love, to laugh, and to listen. She teaches compassion.

Dr. Atwill is a professional speaker known for helping individuals and corporations to be better able to communicate, to be in balance, to thrive amidst the challenges of change and to make a significant, positive difference. She is an educator. As such, she helps people learn how to listen both to others and, most importantly, to one's self. It is her goal to inspire leadership, compassion and a reverence for life.

Dr. Atwill has combined her undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University in Broadcast-Film Arts and her 28 years of experience in radio, television and multi-media with her Masters and Ph.D. in Adult Continuing Education. Her graduate degrees are a blending of psychology, sociology, human learning and development, life crisis, transition and enrichment, multi-sensory multi-media learning, personal communication, therapy of sexual dysfunction, and leadership.

Dr. Atwill's broad-based academic and professional background is undergirded with her study and teaching of ethics and professional responsibility. She believes strongly that the learning of wisdom and long-range vision is vital to the global future of humanity.

In addition to her public speaking and teaching, Dr. Atwill maintains both a private practice and the Atwill-Ross Institute. The Institute is an intellectually and emotionally enriching adventure - a journey on the Rio Grande and through the mountainous desert of Big Bend. Those who come to her for counsel and unthought-of perspective find great value in having confidential safe harbor in which to address and decide direction on major issues, both corporate and personal. Much of her time is invested in helping people to enrich their lives and the lives of those they love. She helps men to find and maintain intimacy with their wives and their children, recognizing that such gratifying achievement has eluded them as a result of the demands of their professional success.

"Each of us has the ability and the choice of leaving people and circumstances better than we find them, no matter how grave a situation may appear. It is important that those of us with good minds and good hearts recognize how far reaching our sphere of influence is. The greater our gifts the greater our responsibilities; and thus, the more complex, yet incredibly fulfilling, our lives can be. Living a balanced life at full measure and using one's life well requires that we individually be absolutely clear about why we get up in the morning to go do what we do. By listening to one's own mind and heart and soul to what stirs at the core of one's being, one remembers, in the midst of one's long distance run, the goal, the destination and why it was begun."
Linda Atwill

Having positively survived cancer more than once, she evidences the best science and medicine have had to offer. She has dealt with life-threatening illness from three sides of the desk -- as patient, as loved one and as professional. She works with patients, their families, physicians and the medical community to facilitate communication and insure the best possible quality of life for all concerned.

Corporate heads often ask that she assess corporate and human need and then put into place means for meeting those needs. Those same individuals frequently send their college-age sons and daughters to spend time with her so that she can enable those young people to have a deep sense of purpose and direction in their lives.

Dr. Atwill believes that one's greatest teaching tool is the example of one's own behavior. This is evidenced in the "how to" video she did on the importance of breast self-examination and early detection in surviving cancer. That video won two national Telly Awards and has been seen throughout the world, in different languages. "Sertoma" means "Service to Mankind." As a Sertoman, she has been honored by the Sertoman of the Year Award. She has devoted much of her life to increasing public awareness and understanding of visual impairment, multiple sclerosis, heart disease, cancer, wife and child abuse, homelessness and the sacredness of human potential and dignity.